Are Christmas and Easter Christian Holy Days?

Christmas: A Christian “holy day”?

Is Christmas a Biblical Christian “Holy Day”? A significant percentage of the world celebrates Christmas, yet neither know nor care to know anything about Jesus Christ. For those of us who celebrate Christmas and proclaim a connection between Christmas and Jesus Christ, where does this connection come from? Are there any solid Biblical foundations for Christmas?

What might seem strange to many, especially non-Christians, is that these holidays are strewn with images of Santa Claus, the Christmas tree and reindeer. Knowing this to be the case, it seems only natural to ask the following question: What do any of these things have to do with Jesus Christ? It may surprise many Christians and non-Christians alike to learn that Christmas and several others traditions commonly celebrated by Christians are not found in the Bible. Where did they come from?

In addition to looking into the history of Christmas, we will examine some of the typical arguments put forward as to why Christians choose to keep Christmas while dismissing the Biblical Feasts of the LORD. After all, even if we may choose to keep Christmas (and/or Easter) while choosing to define what these various symbols (such as Santa Claus and the Christmas tree) mean to us, we should firstly consider the following: What does the Bible say about how we should worship God? How does HE want to be worshiped?


Timmy and the Pastor discuss Christmas and Easter

Timmy and the Pastor discuss Christmas and Easter

Join Timmy as he chats to his Pastor about the origins of Christmas and Easter. What will happen after the Pastor acknowledges the lack of Biblical evidence for Christmas and Easter and points Timmy to an encyclopaedia? Find out more!
IS Christmas a Christian Holy Day

Is Christmas really the birthday of Jesus Christ?

Now I know that that's a loaded question because people will say "What do you mean, there's nothing in the New Testament about Christmas." Yes, that's quite the point! You don't find any reference, such as we sailed away from Troas after Christmas, and you don't find any reference about any kind of a big Christmas celebration in Corinth. If you had mentioned Christmas to a first century Christian, they would have said "What? What's that?" They would have had no idea what you were talking about. In fact, not only did they not believe anything about Christmas, they did not practice anything remotely like it.
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